Requirements for the Sale of Alcohol

Please read these before completing Licensing Form B.

Please ensure you have also read the rules of hire in FORM A

The hirer must agree:

•         To having an awareness of the Licensing Act 2003
•         That no alcohol is to be sold, supplied or delivered to anyone less than 18 years of age (a PASS proof of age card, photo driving license or passport only can be accepted as proof of age). A soft or non-alcoholic drink may be provided, not a low alcohol drink.
•         That no alcohol is to be sold or supplied to anyone who appears to be drunk or who is buying for someone who is drunk. (Slurred speech, clumsy movement and loud or aggressive behaviour are signs of drunkenness)
•         That drunk and disorderly behaviour must not be permitted. (If someone refuses to leave when asked politely to do so and warned them that they are committing a criminal offence. If they still refuse to leave call the police for assistance, do not attempt to remove them, for safety reasons. Note: this applies to private as well as public events.)
•         That smuggled goods must not be sold, supplied or kept on the premises.
•         That if they suspect anyone is taking or supplying drugs inform the police (this applies to private as well as public events)

These responsibilities also apply where the sale or supply of alcohol is carried out under the authority of Temporary Events Notice, as well as sales under the Community Hall’s Premises Licence.
Note that the maximum penalty for breaking the law in these respects is a an unlimited fine and/or 6 months in prison. Those attempting to purchase alcohol who are under 18, buying for someone under 18 or who are drunk or buying for a drunk are also guilty of an offence under the Law. This applies to supply as well as sale.

The Bedwyn Memorial Hall Management Committee holds a Licence for the provision, supply and sale of alcohol. The Management Hall Committee Officers (Chair, ViceChair, Secretary and Treasurer) is the licensee and has responsibility for the use of alcohol in any form on community hall premises. Hirers must obtain written permission from the management committee before any alcohol is brought onto the premises. This includes a private hiring for parties, weddings and other celebrations as well as events which sell tickets to the public.