Licensing Form B

Application for a licensed bar to be provided at an event at Bedwyn Memorial Hall.

Please fill in this application form once you have completed a booking form.

I hereby apply to Bedwyn Memorial Hall Management Committee for to provide a licensed bar for the following event. For the responsible person named in the hire Form A the sale of alcohol by the person named above at the hall on the following date (s), during the following hours and in the following location (s)
To be the Licensing time (09.00hrs to 023.00hrs)
I hereby) agree to provide a bar for the event described above on the date(s), at the time(s) and in the location (s) specified above or authorise the persons named above to sell alcohol at the event described above, on the date(s), at the time(s) and in the location(s) specified above
I have read the Requirements for the Sale of Alcohol (see below). I agree to comply with these requirements and I agree to be the named person responsible during my Hiring of Bedwyn Memorial Hall.  I am also aware that a member of the committee, or an authorised member, may attend and has the right to cancel the function if it is deemed to be inappropriate.